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Host Papa is a company that has specialized itself into shared Linux plans, and even though this might sound as a limited choice and it probably is for those searching for Windows or VPS, the features offered in the plans available compensate this flaw.

Following the motto of the company to let them help you and to make the using of the hosting plan as easy as possible, the content of the site is very easily structured and easy to find. Also the company offers a lot of guides that can help you navigate through your control panel. The knowledge base consists of most frequently asked questions, an additional section is available where the video tutorials are provided. We find this type of strategy (followed by a lot of companies) of including videos very useful since it gives a very easy to follow step by step guide.

A little lack of flexibility that could be important for some customers is the fact that the main domain (the one with which the plan has been registered) can not be changed in the future. If the customer needs to have another domain as his free one, then he/she should take another hosting plan. Though a very small detail, it is something that could be of importance depending on the specific needs of the customers. For those liking to change the main domain, or completely to cancel the previous one, this can turn out to be a significant disadvantage.

In order to secure your site Site lock is provided as an additional feature with a fee for the Basic plan of $14.95 /year. Although at first this might seems like an expenditure that is not necessary, depending on the content you have on your site and the need to have it secure without malware to be disturbing your business, you might do the right thing if you consider adding such feature to your plan. For e-commerce sites, though, the most appropriate protection would be the Enterprise version which has a fee of $199.95 /year which is an expense that should be thoroughly analyzed before taking it.


The company offer two basic categories – Web Hosting and Reseller plans. The Web Hosting plan is only one, while within the reseller plans one can find five plans. The Web Hosting plan, however, covers most of the requirements one might have when choosing the right plan – you get an unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domains, free tools, free domain, etc. so it is difficult to complain for being limited to only one option. When it comes to the Reseller plans, the number chosen from the company is five, which is quite an untraditional set of plans, but this is a plus since it allows to further differentiate. The points that distinguish the five plans are the disk space and the bandwidth and each customer can check which combinations it the most appropriate for his/her business. The third plan that is offered, the Mobile website, is something that is a real innovation since it allows you to create your site for mobile devices. The idea is that once you have your site in this mobile version, your site will be automatically opening in this version when somebody is accessing it from his/her mobile phone. You can have only this plan so that the site will have only this type of access or combine it with a Web Hosting plan so to have a regular site and a mobile one. With the increasing usage of smartphones, this innovation seems to be offered just in time.

Control Panel

The options that are offered are Linux based plans with CPanel for the Web Hosting plan and the reseller WHM/CPanel for the Reseller plans. In other words, standard configuration for Linux plans which is good since this control panel is very stable, optimized and easy to use. The application provided for installing the free tools is Fantastico.

Unlimited Domains

This options is supported no matter which plan you will find suitable for your needs. Free domain is also provided but only for the Web Hosting plan. As usual there is a limitation in the extensions provided and you can choose only between – .com, .biz, .info, .name, .net and .org. But this is the small price that should be paid to have your own free domain for life or at least for as long as you have the plan with the company. In case you cancel the plan for any reason, you can either transfer the domain, paying HostPapa the fee of $24.95, or you can keep it with them for the same fee per year.

Trend-setting Customer Support

The support follows the traditional trio – Livechat, Phone support, Ticket system. What should be mentioned here is that the support is available in three languages – English, Spanish and French. The three types of support are available 24/7. The Livechat support from what we tested is a great help, but first you have to wait in a queue which might need some time to be done, still you can contact them via phone or via mail. A little difference that can not be found in a lot of hosting companies is the procedure to open a ticket and more specifically the limitation to open the tickets only from the billing account that you have with the company. One might argue whether it is for the best to have such rule, but considering that opening a ticket from the billing account could be done in just a few steps, it is convenient enough.



Support Options

Live Chat: yes
Address: 623 Military Road #1013, Niagara Falls NY, 14304-1745
Phone Number: 1-888-959-PAPA [7272]
Email: [email protected]

Why Choose This Company

As the name of the company reveals and the motto of the company states Let Papa take care of you, the whole concept of the company is oriented into facilitating the usage of a hosting plan. For the ones looking for VPS, this will not be the company to put in your list when making the choice, but for everyone else who is interested into shared Linux hosting, you should definitely check out these plans. The company has added a lot of features to its plans with the only aim of making the hosting as easy as possible for its customers.

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 3 reviews
 by Mathieu Chenard
Great Company
Platform: Windows
Control Panel: cPanel
Account Type: Shared

HostPapa is the most flexible hosting company I know. With more than 15 years of experience as a webmaster, I'm really happy with my 2 last years with HostPapa. I don't want to move to another company anymore. The service is always improving and is more reliable than ever. And I don't even talk about the value... it's so cheap for all the liberty and freedom it offers

 by Michael Quart
Amazing hosting
Platform: Windows
Control Panel: cPanel
Account Type: Shared

I required a site to host our CJRS stock watch lists. Upon review of various sites we settled on Host Papa. We are glad we chose Host Papa as the service is rock solid, the servers are very quick and responsive which is important for us as we update information on a daily basis. Overall we couldn't be more satisfied. I would recommend Host Papa to anyone looking for a top notch host at prices which are more than reasonable !!

 by David
The best
Platform: Windows
Control Panel: cPanel
Account Type: Shared

I've tried other hosts before, but this is the one I chose to stay with. The reason I stay with HostPapa is because the Tech Support is quick to answer my questions. I always recommend HostPapa