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webhpost4Personally I do not think that the best web hosting exists as a term. A company that is good for me, can easily not be the one for you; plus a company that suits my needs today might not be able to do this tomorrow as my sites grow and develop. In any case this is only natural to try to find the best web hosting, just the way we proceed when we are going on vacation and we search for the best offers in terms of hotels, tickets, rent-a-car, etc. The same method applies here as well – in case you have some knowledge, research the web, find a few companies and compare them in order to choose the one for you. In case you don’t and you want to create a business site, it is better to contact a technical guy to help you with at least the technical features that will be needed for your site.

When making the final choice, you will definitely reach the point, where the finances will be involved. Ideally, you would not care for this, but chances are you will. What is recommended here is not to go for a free web hosting. Yes, such is provided from some companies and the way they make their profit is by posting ads on the sites they host. Needless to say, this would not lead to great performance, in fact sometimes there are so many accounts on one server, that the performance will be extremely low.

In order to have enough resources, unfortunately you will have to pay for this. But as a result of this business being so attractive and profitable, lucky for you nice plans can be found for $3-$5/month. Of course this is the average fee for a shared hosting, if you would like to take advantage of the reseller solutions on the market, or you want to have a VPS or a dedicated server, then the fee per month can reach $100 and more.

It would be perfect if we can say that the higher the prices, the better the quality since it will make the choice for the best web hosting company very easy, but we can not make this assumption. The fees of the companies are made in a complex way and do not obligatory reflect the quality of the companies. With this said, do not have dreams that with a shared plan for $5 from a reputable company you will beat the performance of a Cloud plan that costs $100 of another not so well ranked company, but within the same range of plans the price is not determinative.

One tip that might help you is that in general companies in the USA tend to offer the best hosting services. What is important here is to check where are exactly the servers located, you can check the main site of the company, or contact their support for this information. Mentioning the support, do not forget that this is probably even more important than the features and the price of the plan itself. This will be your connection with the company and this will be the team that will help you have your site performing well, being optimized and online all the time. And at the end of the day this is what you should aim for, right?

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