– Best Host of 2023 Award

The editorial team of is happy to announce the overall winner of our Best Host Award for 2023…
and the winner is:

We have performed a throughout analysis of the main players in all main hosting categories and have evaluated each of the companies listed in our directory by using the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Uptime

We used all of the above and have came up with an overall score for each host. Some of the notable factors we took into consideration are:

Packages and Scalability

ScalabilityDoes the host offer more than 1 plan? Besides shared hosting does the host offer opportunities for growth such as VPS or Dedicated or Cloud Servers?

It is important for anyone to understand how critical is for a host to be able to offer scalable solutions with an easy to upgrade option.

We found that some of the main players in the business are limited to a single plan or just a shared hosting solution which at one point is out grown by most hosting clients.

Free Tools

Free Tools
How many free tools are included across all hosting plans and packages?

Does the host offer easy one-click installation tool for most popular scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc?

Some hosts do – some hosts don’t offer any or enough free tools. We took this into an account in our evaluation.

Features and Flexibility

The overall features and programming language support can be a deal breaker for most clients.

For example some hosts offer limited programming language support such as PHP only vs some hosts offering PHP, ASP .NET, Java, Pythong, etc.

It is important to consider that in a long run the hosting client may need a broad set of applications and tools that are not supported by the host. The general rule of thumb, and factor in our evaluation is “the more the better”.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing We took into serious consideration the current pricing of the offered hosting plans and their future renewal pricing. One thing to consider when selecting a provider is the renewal price of the hosting plans rather than just looking at the initial price. Even with the bigger and most popular hosting companies there is a significant difference between the initial (often listed as specials) prices vs the prices offered for renewal (that sometimes is 3-4 times higher!).


Support We did pay close attention to the support options provided by all providers in our evaluation. We were very satisfied of the results of our evaluation in this category. All hosting providers evaluated offer fast and knowledgeable support. We could not find any significant differences or lack of support thus we have rated all hosting companies in our study with the highest score of “10”.

Speed & Uptime


The results in this category were very similar and very satisfactory. All of the hosting companies evaluated have shown 99.9% or higher uptime and availability as well as fast network connection speed. We did not consider in our evaluation providers who could not meet the 99.9% uptime mark.

It is important to be taken in consideration that we have tested only providers with data centers in the USA – all of our network speed and latency tests were performed to the hosting companies data centers from the USA as well as tests performed from Europe, Asia, South, America and Australia. Generally the providers with data centers in the midle (Mid-West) part of the USA offer the best average latency from/to various connection points.