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GoDaddy je jedna od najpopularnijih hosting kompanija, i jedna od najvećih hosting kompanija na svetu. Oni nude širok spektar usluga, za sve tržišne segmente. Svi znaju da ih, oni su dobri u skoro sve treba da bude domaćin Web lokacija nudi!

Being a large company however comes with pros and cons, and every potential client needs to evaluate their options before making a decision which provider will best fit their requirements and needs. Our review consist of information we were able to review our self from their website, and also obtained from 3rd party websites. We are unbiased to any of the providers listed on our website, regardless of their size. The main criteria we use as we rate the companies in our directory is: price + features.

Ukoliko ste u potrazi za uslugu domena registracija samo, GoDaddy je najveći izbor opcije imena domena! Samo pripazite da cena razlika između troška domena za prvu godinu 1 (početni ciklus) i obnavljanju.

Ostatak njihove usluge su vrlo dobro proљirio, i oni nude deli, WordPress, VPS, oblak, SiteBuilder, Linux i Windows paketi i mnogo više funkcija i usluga. GoDaddy ima dobar prilagodljiviji i performanse dobre servera.

However, keep in mind couple of things that may impact your budget:

1) Puno upselling – which leads to confusion and not clear price structure, which can be frustrating and you can end up paying more than you need to, for something that you may or may not need.

Most features that GoDaddy is trying to upsell are either free or much cheaper from other providers. In general GoDaddy price appears cheaper than other providers, but at the end of the day is much higher than other popular hosting options, with all addons combined.

2) Additional Services The company has separate charges for some of their packages for email hosting service. For example additional email accounts can cost extra (and are not cheap), other providers include email service for free, and some even offer unlimited email boxes for free, all included in their normal hosting packages

3) Izrada Web lokacija GoDaddy has a very nice looking website builder which should work very well for most novice web masters and competes well with other website builder companies like Wix. Keep in mind that if you get stuck with a proprietary web builder, you can not simply switch hosting companies when you want. We recommend that you look into their WordPress packages, since you can jump ship whenever you want, and migrate your account to another provider (most providers offer free migration from/to WordPress based websites).

4) SSL sertifikati – Mnogi od njihov osnovni paket da NE come with free SSL. If you are looking at a package that offers free SSL, pay attention to make sure that that is not only for the first year (we saw couple of companies that offer free SSL for the first year only). Its 2019 and if Google thinks you need SSL, than you should have one, but you should not have to pay extra for it. Google is sponsoring the Let’s Encrypt association which is a widely being used by most hosting companies and is free of charge. We encourage all of the companies in our directory to start offering this.

5) Tehnička podrška – GoDaddy appears to have a lot of tech support and customer service folks, and good response time via phone. However sometimes they also appear to have issues with not being able to serve their clients properly, and most of that appears due to product limits and upsell techniques.

6) Obnova cenovnik – watch for the actual renewal pricing on pretty much any extra/addon service service, especially the one that appear to be free for the first billing cycle only. Their actual web hosting package standard pricing is not as heavily discounted as other providers, so the markup for renewals is only 20-30%, we have seen providers that have initial discounts in the range of 80-85% and very high renewal pricing.

7) Website Migration – GoDaddy offers website migration from another provider for $99.99)

8) Backup – GoDaddy offers backup service for your account for $2.99 /month


USA, Phoenixa (Arizona), drugi DC su dostupni, ali nije jasno za koji kupce i paketi

Opcije podrške

Live Chat: da (ali ne 24/7)
Adresa: Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Broj telefona: 1 (480) 505-8877
Email: [email protected]

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GoDaddy is big and famous, with a lot of features, and options, but as every big company it comes with limitations that may or may not work for you. Some of the addon features offered like: backup, SSL, migration are offered for free from other providers.

If you are an existing customer, we would love to hear your feedback in the section below.

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