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If you are looking for green servers with green plans, GreenGeeks for sure has a plan for you! This company has specialized not only in achieving customers’ satisfaction and offering a variety of plans, but also in promoting the idea of every web site on the internet to be hosted by a web hosting company utilizing green energy.

These guys have put real effort into minimizing the harmful effects of the hosting business and have made a step further by investing a lot in wind energy to compensate using the power from the grid.

The company has 4 different centers, located strategically in the USA, Canada and Europe. This is ideal for clients which have customers outside of the US. The company is also GDPR compliant, which makes it ideal for European based clients.


GreenGeeks is offering plenty of packages and plans which can satisfy the needs of every customer. The plans include standard shared hosting, WordPress, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers.

The shared web hosting packages offers you the options to have unlimited disk space and host unlimited domains.

Even the cheapest ($2.95/month) package includes:

* Free domain name
* Free website builder
* Free SSL certificate
* Unlimited SSD storage
* Free Daily backups
* Free CDN (CloudFlare)
* WordPress and 250 free script
* SSH access

The company also free website migration from another provider!

As a summary the plans offered are at a balanced price with plenty of features, even for their cheapest plan.

Тенденція встановлення підтримки клієнтів

When it comes to support, GreenGeeks has used the traditional three layered system of having communication support which deals with the basic issues and going up in the ladder with the Level 2 and 3 support which could be reached via their ticket system.

We have contacted the LiveChat a few times and the attitude and the answers were at a pretty high and satisfactory level, as well as the response time needed for an answer which is only a few seconds.

Центр обробки даних

USA: Chicago/Phoenix, Canada – Montreal, Europe – Amsterdam

Варіанти підтримки

Live Chat: Так
Адреса: 1158 26 Санкт #446, Санта-Моніка, штат Каліфорнія, 90403, США.
Номер телефону: 1-877-Еко-сайт-Ext 1 (Відділ продажів) і Ext 3 (відділ підтримки) доступні з 9 ранку EST до опівночі Est з понеділка по п'ятницю і в суботу та неділю з 9 ранку до 8 вечора EST.
Електронна пошта: Продажі: [email protected], підтримка: [email protected], біллінг: [email protected], зловживання: [email protected]

Чому обирають цю компанію

If you are aiming for a company that cares for the green environment, GreenGeeks is the right company for you since it positions itself as an eco-friendly web host which aims not only to have satisfied customers, but also to create greater eco-friendly consciousness.

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за andy p на Top11Hosting

I like that they care about the planet, and are focusing on being green! That makes a difference in my world. The actual web hosting service is as good as it gets, 5 stars for me! Andy

за r fiscichela на Top11Hosting

They are really good from europe, we have an office in Italy and Poland and speeds are amazing. Support is excellent and their chat support helps with most requests immediately - recommended by us, Ricky @ SmallFarmerDogs in Italy

за Nikolay на Top11Hosting

Really love these guys. Good WordPress package and good support options. We are their client for over a year now and no real issue or downtimes

Their ticket support is great I think they have good technical expertise.

Pricing of the plans is really good and we will be renewing for sure!


за Gary from London на Top11Hosting

the reseller web hosting packs are very well setup. I used some bigger companies in the past like godaddy, hostgator but they all had me down at times and I find the greengeek people way more caring. They put time in your request and don't just brush you off or try to ask you to wait or to to another department for support.

for resellers is important that the support is good and quick. Gary from London

за joe на Top11Hosting

i am amazed that not that many companies focus on green energy in the web hosting industry. This industry produce a lot of bad carbon which is really bad for the environment. more companies should follow what these guys are doing i know it used be a trend before 10 years ago but it seems like most companies dont care.

i am greengeek customer for life! joe