Earn Money From Your Website with Hosting

If you have a website already hosted with a web hosting company, you may start your ‘hosting business’. Having your own business online, working from home, and deciding your own schedule, is something a lot of people dream about. piggybank1The only question here is how you can do this. One way to make money from your website, is to become a reseller of a hosting company which will allow you to re-sell hosting plans to your customers. You will be able to manage and allocate the resources in the way you want them to be. This is a nice way to gain profit since the heavy work is done from your hosting company, such as providing and configuring the servers which is something that requires a lot of resources. Of course, you will have to find customers to buy your plans, as well as to make sure that all the issues that they will face will be resolved in a timely manner since usually all the communication with the web hosting company will be passing through you.

There is another way to make recurring amounts of money, and this is the so called affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program you can sign up for to earn revenue from advertisements placed on your website. These programs normally do not cost any money, and can earn you a sufficient amount of money if your site is popular and visited from a lot of people. Each program will have an application process, that might take up to a few weeks to get approved for. Once you have filled out the application and have submitted it, your site will be reviewed and your application will be approved or denied. If your site is approved, you will be provided with banners to post on your site and to start collecting money. Most affiliate programs have the procedure explained in great details so that the process is made as easy as possible.

When choosing which affiliates initiatives are right for your site, try picking the ones that will best represent your site content and respectively will appeal to your visitors. For some programs, the only way you to get revenue is by having visitors click on the merchants link and then purchase an item from their website. There are three parties involved in an affiliate program – the customer, the affiliate site, and the merchant site. The customer is normally a visitor to your website, the affiliate site is your website, and the merchant site is the site which products or links you are promoting. When you choose your affiliate partners, make sure that their procedures and the links you will post comply with the T&C of your web hosting company.

At the end of the day, profit is what you expect to receive. There are three different ways that an affiliate program can choose to pay you. The first way is Pay-Per-Sale, this is when a visitor comes to your site, clicks on a link that takes them to the merchant’s site and they purchase something from there. Another payment method is Pay-Per-Lead, this is when a visitor clicks on the merchant’s link, visits the merchant’s web page and signs up or registers for some sort of service. When the registration is complete, the merchant will pay you according to the affiliate terms and conditions you agreed upon signing up for the affiliate program. The last and most common form of affiliate payment is Pay-Per-Click. This is self explanatory, every time a person clicks on your affiliate link, the system registers a amount that will later be deposited to your account.

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