MyHosting Interview

myhosting_logo1. Tell us a little bit about your company and your duties in it?

Chris Arnold, Product Manager at I started in the Support Department back in 2003 and have progressed within the company to my current role as Product Manager. Being with the company for 9 years I’ve seen a lot of changes within and the hosting industry itself. We have stayed ahead of the curve by continually updating the hardware and hosting technologies that we use to ensure our customers have the best VPS and shared hosting experience possible.

2. It is a very competitive market out there, why do you think people should choose you?

From the ground level up all of our employees have a passion for the hosting business. We have a diverse team with many years’ experience that care about our customers and products and strive to provide the best quality services at a superior value. In the rare circumstance that you may require assistance, we are here to help 24x7x365 with anything you may need.

Our years in the industry has given us the knowledge and expertise to use resources efficiently and effectively to mitigate costs which allows us to provide value for all our shared and VPS hosting customers. Our partnership with Parallels gives us the ability to provide scalable and feature rich VPS plans at a value price using Parallels Virtuozzo platform and Parallels Automation software.

myhosting_screen3. What are the main products of your company?

As our customers’ needs have changed our product line has evolved to provide more features and control for our customers. We continue to have a large shared hosting customer base, but have seen significant growth in our VPS offerings. offers very flexible VPS plans that allow customers to customize their VPS server to their own specific needs.

4. How different is the hosting business nowadays compared to what it was 5 years ago?

Customers have moved or are moving from the shared hosting environment to VPS and cloud hosting. Customers want more control over their hosting environment which VPS and cloud hosting provides.

5. What can we expect from your company in the near future?

We continually enhance our VPS product line to keep up with growing demand and will be looking into offering even more cloud based services in the form of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a

6. With three words only, describe your company.
Fairness, Honest, Integrity

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